Why You Should Avoid Mail-Order Aligners

We live in a world that has gotten very accustomed to getting quick results with little to no effort. Unfortunately, that attitude is seeping into a lot of dental procedures and treatments as well.

It’s tempting for patients to believe that their straightening results should happen as quickly as possible and without inconveniencing them at all. However, this is not a reasonable or realistic perspective to have about something as sensitive and delicate as your teeth and smile.

Don’t Rush Your Teeth Straightening

Patients considering braces for themselves or for their children should be aware that it is vitally important to trust only a licensed orthodontic professional with the health and safety of your mouth.

The popularization of Invisalign clear aligners opened up a whole demographic need for clear plastic aligners. Since they’re relatively easy to produce, there are many businesses that have sprung into existence claiming to be able to straighten teeth with clear dental trays.

For the most part, these businesses have misleading messages that could ultimately damage your, or your teenager’s, smile. Rather than committing to the unpredictable results and methods of mail-order aligners, we encourage our patients to consider the proven benefits of Invisalign aligners or traditional braces.

What Are Mail-Order Aligners?

It’s difficult to mimic the complex structure and stylings of metal braces, but creating clear plastic aligners for teeth is comparatively easy. Subsequently, a lot of businesses have come out with products similar to Invisalign clear aligners, claiming to be able to give patients straighter teeth in no time at all and without the hassle of regular appointments.

These companies will promise straight teeth for a low cost on a short timeline. They will provide patients with the materials to make their own dental impressions; and the company will then send dental aligners based on these impressions to the patient in the mail

What’s Wrong with Mail-Order Aligners?

Mail-order aligners can be tempting due to their convenience and low prices, but they also come with a cost. Consider the following when you’re deciding how you want to straighten your teeth:

Professional Care Matters

The regular dental checkups and appointments that come with Invisalign aligners are very important. At these appointments, your orthodontist can make sure everything is happening as it should. If you trust your teeth and overall bite to mail-order aligners that only claim to be coming from a certified orthodontist who you’ve never met, you’re putting your smile at serious risk.

When you meet with an orthodontist in person, you’ll have access to a high level of professional care and the advice of a trained, experienced medical professional. Your orthodontist knows your dental needs and will be able to make any mid-treatment adjustments you might need, while a mail-in company is done with you once your aligners have been delivered.

You Deserve the Benefits of Dental Technology

These mail-order aligners also don’t use the same level of dental technology as a qualified dentist or orthodontist. For example, your dentist will use professional molds and x-rays—or sometimes even digital impressions—to create extremely accurate aligners or braces made just for your teeth, while a mail-in aligner company will ask you to take your own dental impressions.

It can be difficult to make these impressions on your own, and if you make a mistake, the aligners you receive might damage your teeth instead of straightening them. Without a dentist to consult, it’s very hard to know whether your aligners are doing their jobs correctly.

Choose a Healthier, Safer Way to Straighten Your Teeth

Our team is made up of talented and highly skilled individuals who’ve spent years studying and practicing orthodontic treatments, including teeth straightening with Invisalign clear aligners. Contact us today to learn more!

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