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DiMarzio Orthodontics strives to do exceptional work while focusing on giving our patients and their loved ones a great experience throughout the process. We are dedicated to transforming the smiles of our patients through our exceptional orthodontic practices and procedures. We believe a beautiful, healthy smile starts with a properly aligned bite and straight teeth.

When your teeth are straight and your bite is properly aligned, your smile will have a higher chance of being healthier and stronger.

Our range of services and treatments revolve around the concepts of setting our patients up for dental success by working to treat orthodontic issues.

Invisalign Aligners

Straightening teeth has never been easier thanks to Invisalign aligners. With this advanced and subtle straightening treatment, patients can correct crooked teeth and misaligned bites without the inconvenience or discomfort of metal wires and brackets.

Invisalign aligners are particularly beneficial for patients who want straight teeth but are hesitant about committing to eye-catching metal brackets. Because Invisalign aligners are transparent, no one needs to know you’re straightening your teeth at all throughout your Invisalign treatment.

Teeth are easier to clean and maintain with Invisalign aligners compared to traditional braces, which means a lower chance of cavities or plaque buildup. Invisalign also allows patients to eat what they want with no restriction on diet because of their easy removability.

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Early Treatment

To prevent later issues that can occur in your child’s mouth, DiMarzio Orthodontics provides early treatment for children between ages 8 and 10, ideally. The idea is to begin treatment while the patient has a mix of baby and adult teeth.

Our treatments will make changes to your child’s teeth and jaw that will hopefully prevent the need for braces later in life. Tackling these potential problems early can save you a lot of money, and your child a lot of discomfort.

Early treatment is especially geared towards repairing damage caused by early childhood habits such as thumb, tongue, or pacifier sucking that persists after teeth have started to grow. These sucking habits can cause problems in the way your child’s teeth grow in. Early orthodontic treatment can prevent and treat these kinds of problems.

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At DiMarzio Orthodontics, we place a great deal of emphasis on orthodontics. We work with a wide range of patients to diagnose, prevent, and correct malpositioned teeth, jaws, and misaligned jaw patterns.

There are all sorts of habits we pick up as children that can detrimentally affect the shape of our mouths and positioning of our teeth. Thanks to orthodontic treatment with our team, patients who visit us will have any abnormal alignment of their teeth or jaw corrected.

Few people go throughout life with perfectly straight teeth or a perfectly aligned jaw. It’s far more common to need repositioning or correction in one or both areas of the mouth. We understand this at DiMarzio Orthodontics, which is why we work hard to make our treatments and procedures attainable and useful to all our patients.

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Great experience , as an adult looking to get braces, I was a little nervous . They are so nice and welcoming , it’s making this process so much easier. Keisha W.
We had a great experience meeting Dr. DiMarzio and creating an Invisalign treatment plan for my teen. Torrey S.
I was nervous about getting Invisalign, but the team has made this an awesome experience and I’m loving my results. I highly recommend! Nicole D.
Everyone is ALWAYS super nice, eager to help, professional, understanding, helpful & knowledgeable! We love our Orthodontist!!!!! They are they best! Kim D.
Didn’t know what expect but was very pleased. Dr DiMarzio is super nice and knows his stuff! Highly recommend. Michelle B.
Wonderful experience at this office! The doctors and staff are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The office high tech with top notch equipment. The timely appointment reminders are great . I would highly recommend this office! Dawn W.

Don’t Live Your Life With Crooked Teeth or a Misaligned Jaw

Contact our team today to discover what orthodontic treatment with DiMarzio Orthodontics can do to transform your teeth and jaw, your oral health, and even your confidence in your smile. It’s never too late to start improving the positioning of your teeth so that you can have a healthier smile.

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