Be Prepared for Anything

When you, a friend, or a loved one experience an orthodontic emergency, you can trust DiMarzio Orthodontics to address it quickly and efficiently. We understand that things of this nature need to be taken care of immediately, which is why we offer emergency dental and orthodontic services.

All About Orthodontic Emergencies

The teeth and the mouth are susceptible to injuries and damage just like any other part of the human body. When your teeth are injured, your orthodontic appliance can also suffer, but you won’t have to look far for the solution!

Orthodontic emergencies can vary in severity and priority. One of the most important ways to know whether you’re experiencing an orthodontic emergency or not is to understand the function of your orthodontic devices.

Orthodontics should never be outright painful, but there may be times when your teeth feel sensitive or tender during treatment. If you‘re uncomfortable during treatment, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you recently get your braces tightened?
  • Did you recently start using a new Invisalign aligner?
  • Did you recently receive an adjustment on your braces or other orthodontia?

If you answer yes to these questions, your discomfort is most likely due to the recent changes to your orthodontia. But remember, these adjustments should only cause tenderness or a slight ache—if you feel sharp or severe pain, contact us regardless of what treatment you just received!

If your pain is unrelated to any recent treatment, you might be experiencing a different orthodontic emergency. Always contact us immediately if you’re in severe pain.

We also recommend that all our patients understand other situations that can qualify as orthodontic emergencies.

Types of Orthodontic Emergencies

Loose Wires

The wires will be tight and secure when your braces are working correctly. If one or more wires in your braces feel loose, contact us as soon as possible. If these loose wires are poking the insides of your cheeks or tongue, it’s one extra reason to act quickly.

Even if these loose wires aren’t bothering you, it’s important to schedule an appointment with us. If you’ve got a loose wire, your braces aren’t working correctly. We need to make repairs as quickly as possible to keep your treatment on track!

Broken Brackets

Like loose wires, broken brackets on your braces indicate something isn’t working correctly. Whether a bracket is broken or loose, it’s time to call our office. The faster you contact us, the faster we’ll be able to repair your braces and get your teeth-straightening treatment back on schedule.

If any part of your damaged appliance—including loose wires and broken brackets—is poking your mouth or causing pain, you can protect your mouth with dental wax, gauze, or another clean substance while you wait to see your orthodontist.

Damaged Appliance

Unfortunately, loose wires and broken brackets aren’t the only problems affecting your treatment. If you have severely damaged your braces or other dental gear due to trauma, that qualifies as an emergency that needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible.

If you sustained any significant injury to your mouth, it’s a good idea to contact us even if there’s no obvious damage to your orthodontia. We’ll meet with you as soon as possible to ensure your braces or aligners are still in good condition and doing their jobs properly.


Contact DiMarzio Orthodontics for Emergency Care

If you’re experiencing an orthodontic emergency, contact our Quincy office right away! We’re here to help solve problems and rectify serious injuries or issues quickly and with care.

Contact us at DiMarzio Orthodontics today to learn more about orthodontic emergencies.