The Top Things You Won’t Get with Mail-Order Orthodontics

If you’re anything like us, you probably do a lot of your shopping online these days. No one can deny that online shopping is super convenient, especially for those of us who have extra busy lives and limited free time. While we generally support increasing your convenience, one thing we just can’t get behind is mail-ordered orthodontics. 

Dr. DiMarzio and Dr. Marczak at DiMarzio Orthodontics know a thing or two about the risks of mail-order orthodontics and are happy to share their knowledge. So let’s dive into the top things you won’t get when you order orthodontics by mail.

You Will Miss Out on Qualified Professionals

There’s a reason that orthodontists like Dr. DiMarzio and Dr. Marczak are required to work through dental school, board exams, and continued specializations to become orthodontists. It’s because that level of certification is necessary to really care for your long-term oral health. 

Your mail-order impressions and retainers are typically made by technicians who are following templates, not trained orthodontists who understand the impact of shifting your teeth. This could lead to more teeth problems than you started with!  The risk of cutting costs by not using a real orthodontist just isn’t worth it. 

You Will Miss the In-Person Exam

Has the Covid-19 pandemic made you forget about driving to appointments? Since the pandemic, most of us learned to prefer digital meetings over in-person ones.  But you’ll soon realize that an in-person appointment with your specialized orthodontic care team just cannot be replaced! 

When you go to the DiMarzio Orthodontic office in Quincy, you’ll soon realize that it’s worth it to have highly trained and professional staff care for your teeth. They will make molds, clean and install equipment, and demonstrate how to use your orthodontic treatments. The doctors will also be present to evaluate your progress every step of the way and discuss the best treatment options moving forward.

You’ll Miss Customized Treatment

One size fits all is not a great idea when it comes to orthodontics. But that’s essentially what mail-order orthodontics do! Instead of risking your long-term dental results for a cheaper rate, you should consider DiMarzio Orthodontics. Don’t leave your oral health in the hands of someone you’ve never met and instead find a qualified doctor you know and trust.

It’s also worth noting that when you aren’t working with a certified orthodontist, other serious dental needs might go unnoticed. It can be dangerous and painful to find out too late that there is something serious happening below the surface that needs to be cared for by a dentist or orthodontist. It’s simply not worth the risk!

The Top Things You Won’t Get with Mail-Order Orthodontics

Don’t Miss Out–Get the Orthodontic Care You Need

If you live near Quincy or the Milton and Braintee areas, DiMarzio Orthodontics will be a great fit for your orthodontic needs. Plus, we offer free consults to new patients who might still be on the fence about mail-order vs. in-person orthodontics! Make an appointment today to talk through treatment plans and flexible payment options to figure out the best fit for your family.